Activities carried out

Infrastructure Support

  • The College Cafeteria is constructed by FOSA, Dubai Unit. >>>
  • The Old Students home which houses the office of FOSA , the State Bank of Travancore, College Co-operative Store and the guest house are the contribution of FOSA, Dubai Unit.>>>

  • The parking corner of the College is supported by FOSA, Qatar Unit.>>>

  • The gallery and pavilion on the College ground is contributed by FOSA, Kuwait.>>>

  • The Talking Book Library for the visually challenged in Library is sponsored by Alumni.>>>

  • Informatics Centre of the College is sponsored by T.K. Saleem, Hyderabad, an Alumni. >>>

Other Activities

  • FOSA honoured its distinguished members: Adv. M.I. Shanavaz for being elected to Lok Sabha, Dr. A Jayakrishnan for being appointed Vice Chancellor of University of Kerala and Dr. Azad Moopen for being awarded Pravasi Bhartiya Samman, on 15-02-2010 >>>

Welfare activities

  • Every year FOSA Qatar Unit donates Rs.1lakh towards Edu-support, a scheme to support the marginalized students.  

  • The rent of the Cafeteria after its maintenance cost is transferred to edu-support.  

  • In addition to the above, the other units of FOSA and alumini support Edu-support individually.  

  • As a part of relief activity the cost of heart surgery of a blind student of the College was met by FOSA recently.  

Scholarships and awards

  • Scholarships to students of the College and the Old Students studying outside Kerala also are provided by FOSA.  

  • FOSA offers employment opportunities in India and abroad through the Placement Cell and through members.

  • The Cash awards and trophies to students who secure the ranks in the university examination.

  •  Abussabah Memorial Extension Lecture 2010-11 >>>