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P.M.A. Hakeem, Former Secretary to the Government of India

I was a student of Farook College during 1960-64 (pre-university during 1960-61 and BSc Physics during 1961-64).  After completing my MSc (Physics) at the University Physics Department, Alwaye, I joined the College as a lecturer in 1966.  I had to leave the college in 1969 consequent to my selection to the IAS.

In those days, there were only a few colleges in the Malabar region of the State.  But for the existence of Farook College, many students like me would not have been able to take up their college studies. When I was a student, University of Kerala was the only University in the State (University of Calicut was set up around 1968).  Even those days Farook College was known throughout the State for the comparatively high academic standard it maintained. The teaching staff was extremely motivated and of very high quality.  Apart from the highly committed teachers, who had joined the college almost from its inception, most of the departments were headed by very renowned and experienced professors who had retired from prominent Government Colleges.  This certainly gave an edge to Farook College compared to most of the other colleges. 

Extra-curricular activities were also given considerable prominence and enough opportunities were available for the students to pursue activities of their choice.  In my case, I developed my public speaking skills in the college, which stood me in good stead in my subsequent career.

Compared to many other colleges, a very high proportion of the students in Farook College were staying in hostels and lodges in the college premises, giving all of them much greater opportunity for interaction with teachers and other students.  I have no doubt that like many others I was a great beneficiary of this.  

It was indeed a privilege to be on the teaching staff of the college for nearly three years. I fully enjoyed teaching and I have always missed my days as a lecturer.

I have visited Farook College on many occasions in the last 43 years since I left the College.  It always gives me immense pleasure to visit the College, which has contributed so much for my personal development.  I wish the institution all success and glory.