North America

First Meeting of FOSA was held at Holiday Inn in Hartford, Connecticut on July 4, 2006. The following members were participated.

  1. Dr. C.K. Ahamed kutty MD, FRCP, FACC.- Ahamadck Kutty @
  2. Dr. C.K Abdul Azeez MD
  3. C.K. Veeran Kutty, M Com, MBA
  4. U.A. Naseer. Bsc
  5. Najeeb Vialithrikovil BSc
  6. P.C Raziya Kutty, MA,MBA
  7. P.E.Sidada BSc— 

In the meeting we discussed to contact more members and convene another meeting. And the result of many attempts we organized another meeting at KMG friends and family get together held at Detroit in August 11, 2007. The list of participants and their e-mail address is given below. 

  1. Dr. Karuvath Enu, MD-Karuvath enu @
  2. Dr. Abdul Azeez, MD –
  3. C.K. Veeran Kutty  VeeranCK Kutty @
  4. P.C Raziya Kutty  Raziya @
  5. Dr.Abdul Razack, MD- S.Razack@
  6. Dr. Kunju Moideen MD- Moideen50
  7. Dr. Moideen Moopan MD.—
  8. Jaleel  Moidu—Jaleel.Moidu
  9. Abdul Salam M. –
  10. Mohis Mohamed –Mohises
  11. Nishat Attassery—nishatatt
  12. Abdul wahid Vayal
  13. SiyabV.P—

The above participants authorized me to form a committee.